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Statsy is the easy way to measure your website traffic, performance, and carbon footprint.

Introduction to Statsy

Statsy is a cutting-edge web analytics tool designed to help you gain valuable insights into your users' behavior and optimize their experience on your website. Our primary focus is to provide you with actionable data while prioritizing user privacy.

We take privacy seriously. Statsy does not collect any private information about your users, and we strictly adhere to GDPR and other privacy laws. To ensure compliance, we do not use cookies or any other tracking technologies that may compromise the privacy of your users.

In these docs, you'll discover the powerful features Statsy offers and learn how to make the most of your web analytics while maintaining a privacy-conscious approach.


Kick off your Statsy experience by diving into our Get Started guide, which walks you through the initial steps of setting up and configuring your account. Learn how to create a site, install tracking scripts, and navigate the dashboard to start analyzing your website's data.


Learn more about the core features of Statsy:

Support and Community

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