Website Analytics

Private-friendly alternative to Google Analytics

Dive deeper into understanding your audience with Statsy's user-friendly web analytics. Navigate through visitor insights with ease, all while ensuring their privacy is respected.

Respect User Privacy

With Statsy, experience web analytics that values user privacy. We ensure that your users' data is treated with utmost respect, aligning with global privacy standards and regulations, creating a trustful environment for both you and your visitors.


Navigate with Ease

Dive into insightful analytics through our clean and intuitive dashboards. Statsy provides a clutter-free experience, focusing on essential metrics that enable you to make informed decisions swiftly and effortlessly.

Stay Updated in Real-Time

Empower your strategies with real-time updates and live data. Statsy’s analytics keep you in the loop with immediate insights, helping you respond to trends and user behaviors as they unfold.

Optimized Performance

Statsy’s analytics is meticulously designed to be lightweight and efficient, ensuring that it doesn’t bog down your website’s performance. Experience swift, uninterrupted, and smooth operations that prioritize your site’s functionality.

Focus on What Matters

Statsy curates the most vital metrics and insights, eliminating the noise of unnecessary data. Focus on what truly matters, enabling you to craft strategies that are targeted, purposeful, and effective.

Frontend Confidence.
Zero Worries.